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Refund Policy

I'm not happy if you're not and I have no intention of keeping you locked in to something that you have decided is not for you. I'm serious about this.

But, there has to be an official policy on how this will work so here are the details.

From the time of purchase, you have 30-days to try the full course. At any point during that time you are eligible for a full refund. I will ask you if you've been able to implement the material in any of your homework and the reasons why it isn't working for you. Regardless of whether your homework has been completed or not, you are fully protected by this 30-day guarantee.

What happens if I go past the 30-day period?

I understand there are extenuating circumstances from time to time and will handle those on a case by case basis. I can not guarantee a refund after 30 days, but will be open to discussing this with you.

What if cancel my payments after 30 days?

You will lose access to the course and will not be refunded any previous payments.