Shift Nudge

Enrollment opens May 8, 2023

Level-up your entire team

It costs more to hire new people than it does to invest in your current team. Level them up for a fraction of the cost.

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Per Seat

Team (3)





Your team gets up to 3 seats for $1,452.09 each. This is a 3% discount.

Team (5)





Your team gets up to 5 seats for $1,422.15 each. This is a 5% discount.

Team (10)





Your team gets up to 10 seats for $1,347.30 each. This is a 10% discount.

Team (15)





Your team gets up to 15 seats for $1,272.45 each. This is a 15% discount.

Team (20)





Your team gets up to 20 seats for $1,197.60 each. This is a 20% discount.

Prices are based on the Pro Plan one-time purchase price of $1,497. If you're interested in a team plan, but would like a live demo of the course content first, we'd love to show you around! Request a demo here.

What's Included?

Each of your team members will have full access to everything Shift Nudge has to offer—all 8 modules, 85 lessons, and over 30+ hours of design training. Plus they’ll each have access to the Critique Vault with 1000+ design homework review videos.


If you have any other questions about these plans, need more time to get budget approval, or would like to use alternate payment methods, please email and we’ll get back to you as fast as humanly possible.

Are Seats Transferrable?

No, sorry. Each person on your team that receives access to the course counts as one-seat. If you have a new employee that you'd like to add, an additional license can be purchased at the discounted rate.

Different Team Size?

If your team size falls in-between any of the available packages, let me know and I can create a custom package that applies the same discount as the tier below your current team size.

More Details

Once you purchase the team package, we'll connect via email for a list of team members to invite to the Shift Nudge Notion workspace.


Due to the nature of these large team packages, payment plans and refunds are not available.