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Purchase a Static License with a single payment. Upgrade to a Dynamic License anytime by acquiring a new Dynamic subscription.

What's included in the team plan?


Each of your team members will have full access to everything Shift Nudge has to offer—all 8 modules, 85 lessons, and over 30+ hours of design training. Plus they’ll each have access to the Critique Vault with 1000+ design homework review videos and the Slack group with over 3000+ members.

How does my team get access after purchase?


Once you purchase the team package, we'll contact you via email and request a list of team members to invite to the Shift Nudge Notion workspace.

What's the difference between Static and Dynamic licenses?


Static Licenses are a one-time fee for lifetime access and seats are only transferrable within the first 60 days of purchase—in the event there is an organizational change. If an employee leaves the company after the 60 days the license can be transferred to their personal email address.

Dynamic Licenses provide unlimited transfers between employees within the organization, based on the total number of active licenses. For example, if your team has 50 designers, but you only purchase a Team (10) license, any 10 of your team members can have access to the course at anytime. Contact us to switch emails for licensed users.

If I get a Dynamic license can I cancel the annual subscription?


Absolutely. You can cancel the annual subscription at anytime by submiting your request here. Upon cancellation your Dynamic licenses will convert to Static licenses.

If I add more team members to an existing plan will I get the same discount?


Yes, absolutely. Your seat count will be cumulative and the discount tiers will stay in effect as you add more. Please contact us to add more team members to your existing plan.

Do I need to purchase a license for an administrator?


We offer one free administrator seat for every 5 seats purchased. For example, if you purchase a team plan 10 seats, you have the option to add two additional administrators as well. Please note, teams smaller than 5 are not eligible for an administrator seat.

What about payment plans or refunds?


Due to the nature of these large team packages, payment plans and refunds are not available. If you're unsure about purchasing a team plan, feel free to reach out for a free demo.

Need help with something else?


If you have any other questions about these plans, need help to get budget approval, or would like to use alternate payment methods, please contact us and we’ll get back to you as fast as humanly possible.